About Us

Our approach is to provide the best accountancy and taxation advice to our taxpayers and small businesses. Our twenty-four years of experience is entirely focused on preparing your income tax according to the law making sure you will get the maximum refund and minimum tax due. We use this experience to understand your needs and provide the best quality accountancy and taxation advice.

Our commitment to provide exceptional service and quick response is supported by our guarantee. Our clients find us to be friendly, approachable, attentive and aware of the needs of the Personal Income Tax and owners of small business.

In some cases, We provide a fixed quotation for all work undertaken. Our fees are based on the services you require, and base on the price list from the Tax Preparation Consumer Guide, not the amount we think we can get away with.

Within our price structure, all work falls into one of three categories.

  1. For most services, we have a fixed fee price structure. For instance to prepare a tax return W2 salary, dividends and simple other income such as bank interest, schedule A and one 2106 form is charged $180.00. Another example is if you are a crew member the $180.00 will include form 1040 Single filers, Schedule A, 2106, and one state tax return. In this way, all clients with similar requirements and records are charged the same price.
  2. For some special tax preparation such as rental income, depreciation, child credits, investments, self-employed income business, and incorporation or cessation of a business we quote a fixed fee which will be decided based on the type of information provided, the complexity of the work and the level of detail of the report required.
  3. The amount of work required for some services cannot be fully predefined. This type of service includes assistance with the purchase or sale of a business and tax inquiries. In these cases, we provide certainty by explaining the possible steps in the process and providing a fee quote for each step. For instance, the fees relating to a tax inquiry will be quoted as an initial amount and a series of possible events such as extra income tax copies or an amended return not at fault of AEROTAX Corp, etc. A fee is quoted for each event. As the inquiry unfolds we confirm our fees before proceeding with chargeable work.

We never charge additional fees for:

  • Filing electronically
  • Telephone calls.
  • Queries received by email.
  • Discussing your requirements.

Our preferred method of contact is email. Emails create a record of information that can be referred back to and allows both parties to respond at appropriate times.

Telephone: (718)233-3388

Our telephone lines are answered directly without the use of any numbered option systems. This has the advantage of providing a personal service. If both lines are busy, or you are calling outside of office hours, an answering machine will operate, please leave a message. We will respond as soon as possible.

Postal services are usually only needed when returning documents on which original signatures are required. Our business, postal and registered office address is above.

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 10 am to 6 pm

Starting January 15th till April 17th


Our guarantee includes responding promptly to emails, telephone messages, and post, always within 1 working day during tax season, after tax season phone calls are continuously monitored and your call will be return as soon as possible.

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Phone: {718-233-3388}
Fax: {718-360-4738}
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